Parrot Kiosk

This walk-in mini aviary is specially designed to accommodate 20 different species of parrots that we have in our collection consisting of macaws, cockatoos, lories and parakeets.

Some of the parrots are placed in individual exhibits in pairs as part of our breeding program while others have the freedom of flying freely inside the aviary giving the possibility to the visitors to get closer to these beautiful birds.

Don’t miss the chance to get a closer look at some of the rare and even critically endangered parrot species such as the Pesquet’s Parrot which is also popularly known as the Vulturine Parrot and can only be found in Papua New Guinea; Moluccan Cockatoo which is endemic to the Seram Island in Indonesia and now critically endangered due to illegal trapping and habitat destruction; and the adorable Congo African Grey Parrots which are widely known to be the most intelligent parrot species.

Take part in our Lories Feeding, which happens from 10am till 5pm daily here at the World of Parrots.